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Blood Runs Cold (HOG Mobile Game) - Trailer Park Scene Past

This is one of the many scenes that we created for the mobile game - Blood Runs Cold by Bigpoint.
In this project I was responsible for the Art direction and the Concept design of the scenes / environments.
All the Scenes were visually designed by my colleauge Patrick Bandau ( and myself.
It was a lot of fun to work on this project. I hope you guys like it and check out the game.
At the moment Blood Runs Cold is live a Canada and U.K. (More countries to come soon.)
Credits Stephan Schattman and the vendor Virginlands for the great 3D work.
For the great character art of the game check out :

Timo peter brc scene 10 timopeter

Final image

Timo peter angelastrailersktech 02 iteration 02

Mood test

Timo peter angelastrailersktech 01

Rough ideation sketch